Our Ethics Based Repair Only Solution Just Makes Sense.


All EquipmentClients will tell you that we truly care, but that is a gross understatement. The fact is that at RepairMakers we reject the opportunity to make easy profits by refusing to sell you new dental equipment you may not need.


Stop and consider this for a moment. Does your "dental equipment repair company" also sell dental equipment? Doctors everywhere are having the wool pulled over their eyes by so called dental equipment repair companies that are profiting more from selling you new dental equipment than they would repairing the dental equipment you already own.


In fact, when asked by an independent 3rd party, 78% of your colleagues agreed that it makes sense to use a dental equipment repair company that doesn't sell dental equipment-- if only to avoid the nagging thought that, "I may be paying for new dental equipment that I don't need, when I can save by repairing the dental equipment I already own."


Don't doubt decisions that affect your business. Allow us to leverage our proven foundation of ethics to cut through the smoke and mirrors with a no-obligation, 100% free review of your current dental equipment repair company's diagnosis, if only for peace of mind.


Just one call to RepairMakers means that your challenges will be heard, your best options will become clear, and you will get a fair quote with the prompt service you deserve so you can continue delivering exceptional service to your patients.


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