Dental Handpiece Repair


RepairMakers delivers the quality handpiece repairs dentists expect - but aren't getting from the competition.


Dental handpiece repairYou have probably noticed that your options for dental handpiece repair are endless.

While many of these dental handpiece repair companies try to attract your attention with fancy service names, or make bold, half cocked attempts to repair your handpieces onsite, RepairMakers has managed to soar beyond these illusions of differentiation without compromising customer-focused service our clients have come to trust.


One of the first differences you'll notice when you switch to RepairMakers is that we refuse to make empty claims because lip service doesn't bolster the uncompromised quality you can expect every time you send your dental handpieces to RepairMakers for repair.


In fact, you'll quickly find that other companies "high-cost premium service solutions"--which measure the height of their capabilities-- are the standard floor upon which we deliver you the best-in-the-industry dental handpiece repair solutions, without charging you extra.


RepairMakers will repair your dental highspeeds, lowspeeds, attachments, and scalers from every major dental handpiece manufacturer including:


  • Anthogyr
  • Aseptico
  • Athena Champion
  • Bien Air
  • Dabi Atlante
  • Kavo
  • Lares
  • Medidenta
  • Micromite
  • Micro Motors
  • Midwest
  • NSK
  • Sirona
  • Star
  • W&H


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Our Ethics Based Repair Only Solution Just Makes Sense...
Clients will tell you that we truly care, but that is a gross understatement. The fact is that at RepairMakers we reject the opportunity to make easy profits by refusing to sell you new dental equipment you may not need.

Stop and consider this for a moment. Does your "dental equipment repair company" also sell dental equipment? Doctors everywhere are having the wool pulled over their eyes by so called dental equipment repair companies that are profiting more from selling you new dental equipment than they would repairing the dental equipment you already own.