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All EquipmentWondering if RepairMakers is truly passionate about delivering you the best, most cost-effective dental equipment repair solutions?


As a family owned and operated dental equipment repair company we have been putting our money where our mouth is by saving thousands of dentists thousands of dollars each year since 1993 because we believe that the "value we provide you means everything".


20 years later you will find this same impenetrable foundation of value-driven ethics fueling our desire to deliver you the best, most cost-effective dental equipment repairs available in our market.


It's our passionate commitment to providing revolutionary customer care while maintaining a critical eye on how we can improve so you see more value that has driven us to make the services our competition calls "premium upgrades" our everyday standard.


And it is this same unquenchable thirst to deliver the best service in the industry that allows our clients to rest assured that they are making the right choice every time they entrust RepairMakers to service their dental equipment.


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Our Ethics Based Repair Only Solution Just Makes Sense...
Clients will tell you that we truly care, but that is a gross understatement. The fact is that at RepairMakers we reject the opportunity to make easy profits by refusing to sell you new dental equipment you may not need.

Stop and consider this for a moment. Does your "dental equipment repair company" also sell dental equipment? Doctors everywhere are having the wool pulled over their eyes by so called dental equipment repair companies that are profiting more from selling you new dental equipment than they would repairing the dental equipment you already own.